50th Class Reunion

Dear Class of '69 Members,

Next year is the celebration of our 50th Class Reunion.  In some ways it's believable, and in other ways, "what happened"?  

We need to gather a group of students willing to plan the reunion.  Our class website can make the process easy once a date, location, etc. is decided.  We have names, addresses, contact information for a majority of our classmates.  We can collect money, conduct surveys, etc through the website as well.  I now live in Florida but can help with anything related to the website.  

Would you be willing to participate in the planning of our 50th? Mary Ann and Mac Deuparo, Colleen and Joe Lachapelle, John Pavlak, Karen Schulte Ladd and I were on the 40th committee.  If I have forgotten someone who worked on the event, please forgive me...and let me know.  

Please take a moment and complete this short survey to help us move ahead with this important event.

Please respond by September 30th.

Ilene Soroka MacDonald

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1)   * Would you be available to help with the planning of our 50th Class Reunion?

2)   If you are not available, can you suggest a classmate(s) who might be interested?

Please list any names:
3)   Do you have a month you prefer for the reunion?

  May will not work
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  September will not work
  October will not work
  Any month will work for me

This is a tough question because there will always be conflicts. The choices appear worded oddly, but it will be easier if we find the month(s) that will NOT work. If you are pretty flexible, please just mark "any month will work for me".
4)   Please share any additional information if needed regarding Question #3.

5)   Our 40th Reunion was held at Portofino's in Wyandotte. Do you have a suggestion for a location?

6)   Is there anything else you would like to add?