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Secondary Address Clarkston, MI USA
Occupation: Jesuit Priest
Yes! Attending Reunion
Street Address

9075 Big Lake Road

City, State, Zip

Clarkston, MI


May 21, 1951


None. Seven nieces and nephews. Several grand nephews, nieces.


None. Three great nieces and nephews!

Where else have you lived?

Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland, Paris, Cambridge MA, Rome, Jerusalem, Ann Arbor, St. Louis

Married? Attached? To whom? When? How long?

Single. Living vows of religious life as a Jesuit: poverty chastity, obedience. I entered the Jesuits in 1976 and was ordained a priest in 1984. I pronounced Final Vows as a Jesuit in Ann Arbor on April 22, 2005. I just celebrated my silver jubilee of ordination on June 16 this year. The receptions for this event were very affirming. This month, June 16th I celebrated 30 years as a priest

Still have family around Detroit?

My sister Judy and her husband Geo Beeker moved up near Higgins Lake; my brother Pete and his wife Patti in Canton; my younger sister Pamela who lives in Livonia in a group home connected with the network of Catholic group homes called Angels' Place, devoted to the developmentally disabled. Pam has Down Syndrome. Pray for Pam as she suffers from early Alzheimer's at 53 years old.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with other classmates? Who?

Very rarely, regrettably, except for the meetings we had for Angel's ball park and for the Class Reunions 30 and 40 years.

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

See the Grand Canyon. Somehow I missed that.

What is keeping you busy (work, hobby, volunteering, family)?

Present tense...I am currently on a health sabbatical at our Jesuit infirmary here in Clarkston MI. I am focusing on managing my congestive heat failure, bipolar syndrome (only discovered last year!), Type II Diabetes, physical, psychological and spiritual health. I spent a year in St. Louis for the same type of program for personal renewal. I was extremely tired after 12 years of campus ministry.

Past tense...I was associate pastor at St. Mary Student Parish at the University of Michigan, my college Alma Mater for 12 and a half years (2000-2012). Things were hopping there with nine Sunday Masses per weekend during the school year and I usually did two or three. My language skills had me celebrating our 2 PM Spanish Mass every other week, though I say the Lord kept me humble as I used my least studied language (eight weeks in Curenavaca MEX back in 1980). French and Italian are my strongest modern languages. I have made foreign languages my hobby and my work, having studied French (BA at UM) , Russian, German, Italian and Modern Hebrew and ancient languages for Biblical Studies in Rome: Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin. This interest led me to study in several different countries (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, Mexico), so travel is something I enjoy--a lot!

Favorite place to go?

Back to my Downriver roots, I enjoy walking along the Detroit River in Wyandotte's Bishop park where we used to catch the Bob-Lo boat as kids. I go there in all seasons when I need to see water and boats.

High points of your life since high school?

Graduated with BA in French and secondary teaching certification from the University of Michigan in 1974. After paying off my debts (substitute teaching!) I entered the Jesuits in 1976 and took first (perpetual) vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in 1979. My three years of theoligal studies in Paris were from 1981 to 1984 when I came back to be ordained a priest in 1984 at Gesu Parish in Detroit. A high point in Paris was that I was able to serve as deacon several times at the Cathedral of Notre Dame with the Cardinal Archbishop, Jean-Marie Lustiger who became a dear friend to me and my family. There was a serendipitous surprise in April 1984 to be asked to serve as Altar Deacon on Palm Sunday on St. Peter's Square with Pope John Paul II (at his right hand!) at the Mass which was the culmination of his first World Youth Days in Rome. My first Mass on Father's day at Christ the Good Shepherd was a great joy for me and my family 30 years ago on Father's Day. After a few satisfying and successful years as director of campus ministry at St. Ignatius High School Cleveland I was sent to Rome for Biblical Studies for eight years at the Pontifical Biblical Institute with one year of special studies in Jerusalem. My whole time in Rome was phenomenal, but my favorite experience was that my parents and my Down sister Pamela were able to attend a private Mass I concelebrated with (Saint) Pope John Paul II in his private chapel and then they received Communion from St. Pope John Paul II, publicly in St. Peter's Square on Easter Sunday. I guess the next high point was coming back to Ann Arbor in 2000 to do campus ministry at UM after I had spent four years in Cleveland after having my heart attack upon return from Rome in 1996. Surviving and thriving after the MCI and triple bypass has been a special blessing since it was well-timed to have the heart attack in Cleveland and they put me back together by the world class Cleveland Clinic. The UM Health System has kept me ticking with my second pacemaker/defibrillator implanted in 2010.

Places you want to go?

Anywhere in the A continents: Asia or Africa or Australia or (South) America!

Favorite sport(s), hobby(ies), book, music, movie?

My sedentary academic life was best interrupted by hiking, running or shooting hoops or playing tennis or swimming if I could. When I was in Jerusalem I got a special deal swimming at the King David Hotel pool which was just next door to our Pontifical Biblical Institute residence. This exercise was crucial for keeping me sane in the highly stressful atmosphere of Jerusalem.)

Hobbies? Besides languages, I have always enjoyed music, especially Bob Dylan. I play the guitar still when I can but I am rusty.

A book I would like to recommend is one by a fellow Jesuit who lived in our Ann Arbor community while he accomplished his Masters in Fine Arts at UM and wrote a good bit of his book here in Ann Arbor. His name is Father Uwem Akpan, SJ of Nigeria and his book was just recently recommended by Oprah, the title: "Say You Are One of Them." It consists of five short stories placed in various countires in Africa. Uwem's intent is to show the hardship of poverty through the eyes of childlren and thus draw attention to the plight of some of the poorest of the poor. He acknowledges me (among many) in the thank you notes at the back of the book

I like movies, but have seen few recently. I'm more likely now to catch a foreign flick at the Michigan Theatre just around the corner form our church. The last one I recall before leaving Ann Arbor was "La Vie en Rose" depictling the life of Edith Piaf. The film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film tha year.

When I was in Rome I met actor Martin Sheen and we became good friends so I followed his career a bit more closely and had a phenomenal opportunity to spend a couple days with him on site and in the studio for some filming for NBC's "The West Wing." My favorite episode was entitled "Two Cathedrals." I got to meet all of Martin's family and the cast of The West Wing as well as Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme, the shows creators. One of my favorite cast members was John Spencer who played President Bartlett's Chief of Staff. John's death was a great blow to us all.

How old do you feel?

The University atmosphere keet me feeling deceptively young, maybe 30, despite the fact that my innards (heart esp.) probably look more like 80! Now that I am in our Jesuit infirmary I feel a little older, especially since at 63 I am the "Benjamin"--the youngest. The oldest is 94!

Favorite teacher?

At Redeemer: Sister Anne Paul who got me so excxited about French and intercultural exchange.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I was involved with the Catholic Charismatc Renewal during my years in Ann Arbor and lived in at least ten houses with about 70 different people during my Ann Arbor years and that I lived in the Michigan Union my fresman year due to housing overflow. Since entering the Jesuits I have multiplied the number of houses (Jesuit residences) I have lived in and have lived with scores and scores of people from my smallest community (me alone when I first got here in Ann Arbor) to my largest communities (50 in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute; 87 when I lived at St. Louis University). How many houses? More than 13 to be sure! In one regard I am surprised that after so much variety and geographical displacement, I have ended up back in Michigan where it began for me and that I have been here now for 13 years and enjoy being in the home state of Michigan. My favorite Jesuit place is Omena where the Jesuits have a vacation "villa" on OMena Bay between Sutton's Bay and Northport on the Lelenau Peninsula near Traverse City.

What's your favorite memory at Redeemer?

The basketball games, especially the City Catholic Championship in 1969 and the one game where Ron Pitts drew that great Lion and the gym exploded when the spotlight hit it. I also enjoyed chorale productions of Brigadoon and Finnian's Rainbow.

Any words of wisdom?

Savor simplicity.

Cool things you've done?

I already mentioned them in other spaces above. I guess I jumped the gun. A recap: Deacon at Notre Dame in Paris and at St. Peter's in Rome at the first World Youth Day in 1984. In Rome I also got to meet a lot of interesting people: Presidents (older Bush and Clinton) and their wives (Barbara and Hillary) in a formal reception with the pope and about 300 US clergy. I asked Mrs. Bush if she would "Call my Mom when you get home?"--"Why sure I will!" and she did! She talked with Mom, Dad and Pam for about 20 minutes from the White House that Veterans Day. I asked President Clinton to call Dad when he got home, "Why? Doesn't he know how you are doing?" He took my little note and put it in his suit jacket pocket. He wrote Dad a very nice note when he got back, saying how happy he was to meet me in Rome. These were fun ways I could get my family to share some of my extraordinary experiences.

Anything else we should know?

You may have read this between the lines, but I am surviving very well despite my Congestive Heart Failure suffered from my heart attack one month after my return from Rome in 1996. The By-pass operation in 1997 gave me the little "extra oomph" to get me off the possible heart transplant track. I am on my second pacemaker/defibrillator, insulin for Type II Diabetes. My health sabbatical is already in its second year. Retirement? Jesuits never retire. My job right now is the mission of this whole house of 67: Pray for the Church, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the World. Life for me since 1996 has been quite an adventure in modern medicine and in the hope and trust of faith and prayer. Mother Theresa even prayed for me! But I think it was my little sister Pamela's prayers God heard the most.

Any other question we should ask everyone?

Where do you hope to retire and what do you initend to do?

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Dennis Glasgow has a birthday today.
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Dennis Glasgow has a birthday today.
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Happy Birthday, Dennis. Hope you have a perfect day and continued improving health.

Dennis Glasgow has a birthday today.
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Dennis Glasgow has a birthday today.
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