40th Class Reunion

Here's a bit of trivia...  

Class of 1969 Reunions
10th - Nov. 3, 1979, Botsford Inn, Farmington Hills
20th - August 5, 1989, Parklane Station, Dearborn
30th - Nov. 27, 1999, Fratello's, Trenton
40th - August 8, 2009, Portofino's, Wyandotte

Lots of pictures of the reunion to view...click "Reunion Pictures" at the left.

Just because the reunion is over, doesn't mean this all has to end!  We will keep this site going at least until next March.  We plan to set a date for a picnic for next summer.  Keep visiting the site...communicate with classmates.  Carpe diem!

The Class of 1969 on the front steps of Holy Redeemer.   Monsignor Hanchon, Pastor, concelebrated the Mass with our own Father Dennis Glasgow.  

Here are pics of the guys and the girls at Portofino's.

Our Class

Click "Class Pictures" to see everyone identified.  There you can also click the photo to enlarge it.

Here is a link to the photographer's website, where you can ordered a memory book of all photos taken at the reunion:   http://aclown.com/holyredeemer19692009.html

When you go to the site, click "card 4A"  or "card Z".  There are many, many pictures there.  You can order the memory book or individual pictures. 

Also, Ken Seguin put all of his pics from the weekend on Kodak Gallery.  Here is a direct link to the pics:  www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLanding.action?c=ef0kd5d.3v3b2ugt&x=0&y=-9s125i&localeid=en_US    

Several class members went to the Motown Museum Tour on Friday evening.  The group then went to the Traffic Jam for a bite to eat.  Click "Motown Museum Party" link on the left.

  Read an  article about Sister Leona, former math teacher and principal at Redeemer.  She now resides at the Mother House in Monroe.  Also, read the remembrance obituary of Sister Eleanor, former biology teacher.   Click the links:   Sister Leona:   

Sister Eleanor: 

Here are two links to photos from the reunion.  We will continue to add pictures as they become available.

The photographer has all pics taken at the Reunion on their website (you can also order prints).  Here is the link:

http://aclown.com/holyredeemer19692009.html  Once there, scroll down and click "card 4A" or "card Z".  There are many, many photos.  You can also order a book containing 30 pages of pics from the reunion.

Ken Seguin put all of his photos from the weekend on Kodak Gallery.  Here is a link to those pics (you can order pics from Kodak on that site):  http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLanding.action?c=ef0kd5d.3v3b2ugt&x=0&y=-9s125i&localeid=en_US

 Linda Jedynak Sandoval uploaded many photos to her profile.  Just click Linda's name in the Classmate Profile section and scroll down.

 Front row (l to r seated): Diane Wawrzyniec Vidovic, Paulette Uebbing Gruenke, Colleen Donnelly Lachapelle, Regina Garliauskas Goebel, Patrice Gavin Katroscik, Joyce Calus Rzepa, Carol McGuire, Mari Duffy Barlow, Therese Henri Thorn, Phyllis St. Amand Rini

Second row (l to r): Liz Munoz Makara, Rose Coogan Siemaszko, Mary Ann Gentner Knight, Linda Jedynak Sandoval, Jeanne Hogan Lambros, Linda Jasso Kujik, Kathy Hodges Snyder, Karen Hammon Gebhardt, Kathy McCarthy Pianelli, Marcia Gogolowski Hladun, Ilene Soroka MacDonald, Karen Schulte Ladd, Claudia Polski Portelli, (Father) Dennis Glasgow
Third row (l to r): Rick Knight, Nancy Cini Podczervinski, Frank Podczervinski, Bill Kish, Mary Ann Sautter Deuparo, Chris Kowal Brookins, Ed Katroscik, Greg Suchyta, Tony Straksys, Algis Kaunelis, Bill Barlow, Joe Lachapelle, Mike Dennisuk, Ken Seguin, Sherry Wisser Zamojski, Margie McDonald Leskosky

Back row (l to r): Mac Deuparo, Ed Somensatto, Dave Novock, Algirdas Norkunas, Bob Gengle, John Polanski, John Kirvale, John McDonagh, Tony Duarte, Paul Pisani, Jim Carson, John Nowacki, Tom Fitzpatrick, Ed McCarthy, John Pavlak, Fred Greenhaw, Ron Pitts, Rick Zamojski



Seated (l to r): Jeanne Hogan Lambros, Paulette Uebbing Gruenke, Liz Munoz Makara, Regina Garliauskas Goebel, Patrice Gavin Katroscik, Joyce Calus Rzepa, Carol McGuire, Karen Hammon Gebhardt, Mari Duffy Barlow, Margie McDonald Leskosky

Standing (l to r): Rose Coogan Siemaszko, Nancy Cini Podczervinski, Colleen Donnelly Lachapelle, Linda Jasso Kujik, Chris Kowal Brookins, Therese Henri Thorn, Diane Wawrzyniec Vidovic, Mary Ann Gentner Knight, Kathy Hodges Snyder, Linda Jedynak Sandoval, Phyllis St. Amand Rini, Ilene Soroka MacDonald, Marcia Gogolowski Hladun (hidden), Karen Schulte Ladd, Mary Ann Sautter Deuparo, Kathy McCarthy Pianelli, Sherry Wisser Zamojski, Claudia Polski Portelli 



Seated (l to r): Joe Lachapelle, Tony Duarte (hidden), Dave Novock, Jim Carson, Fred Greenhaw, Mac Deuparo, Dennis Glasgow, Bob Gengle, Ed Katroscik, Ken Seguin 

Standing (l to r): Paul Pisani, John Polanski, Ed Somensatto, John McDonagh, Mike Dennisuk, Ed McCarthy, Algirdas Norkunas, Rick Knight, Greg Suchyta, Frank Podczervinski, Ron Pitts, Bill Kish, Rick Zamojski, Tony Straksys, John Kirvale, Tom Fitzpatrick, Algis Kaunelis, John Nowacki, John Pavlak, Bill Barlow


Front row (l to r): Linda Jedynak Sandoval, Ed Katroscik, Patrice Gavin Katroscik, Father Dennis Glasgow, Carol McGuire, Ilene Soroka MacDonald, Monsignor Hanchon
Second row (l to r): Karen Schulte Ladd, Claudia Polski Portelli, Therese Henri Thorn, Paulette Uebbing Gruenke (hidden behind Ed), Kathy Hodges Snyder, Colleen Donnelly Lachapelle, Tony Strsksys, Reggie Garliauskas Goebel, Nancy Cini Podczervinski, Mary Ann Sautter Deuparo, Ed Somensatto 

Top row (l to r): Mike Dennisuk, Ken Seguin, Phyllis St. Amand Rini, Margie McDonald Leskosky, Paul Pisani, John McDonagh, John Pavlak, Joe Lachapelle (hidden), Algis Kaunelis, Jim Carson (head turned sideways), Fred Greenhaw, Algirdas Norkunas, Frank Podczervinski, Mac Deuparo