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05/04/09 11:36 AM #1    

Mary Ann Muscat

I would love to get in touch with my 'buds' from Holy Redeemer. If anyone wants to catch up please contact me at
Mary Anne Muscat

05/14/09 10:40 PM #2    


Ilene Soroka (MacDonald)

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Class of 1969 was featured in an article in the Latino Press. On May 2nd, a hardball field was dedicated to Angel Garcia at Clark Park. The renovation of the field was due in great measure to the hard work of Redeemer classmates. 73 folks (Class of '69, family and friends) worked at Comerica Park last summer with all proceeds going to the initiative. Additionally, donations were made by classmates and others, bringing the total earned over $16,000.
Here is a link to the article (go to page 5):

Included in the article is a picture of classmates. Way to go, Class of '69!

06/15/09 10:31 PM #3    


Kenneth Seguin

Well, "For Once in My Life," "I Can't Help Myself" and thought that I would take "My Girl" during a Michigan summer "Heat Wave" to the Motown Museum, because I "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." First though, I'd call the museum at "Beechwood 4-5789" to see what the hours are. Upon arrival, if the doorman tells us to "Stop! In the Name of Love" and come back "Another Saturday Night," we'd just leave. In that case, maybe everyone would rather just go "Shop Around" or go to the "Psychedelic Shack" or visit Camp Dearborn and build "Castles in the Sand" and eat lunch at a "Stoned Soul Picnic." That being said, if it's too hot there, you'll probably hear me say that "I Wish It Would Rain" from "Cloud Nine," and we'll just leave and be "Going to a Go-Go."

(Go on, I dare all of the artists...)

Sharon and I will likely fly out of DFW on Thursday evening after work (6 Aug 09), which would allow us to do the Motown Hitsville tour on Friday, 7 Aug 09. Tentatively, count us in for the tour group that day. I anticipate that we will depart on Sunday afternoon for Texas, but we haven't made the flight reservations yet.

06/17/09 12:52 PM #4    

Linda Jedynak (Sandoval)

OK Ken here goes.......(No help from any source except my 60's brain!) AND it took me 5 minutes. By the way, your message was Brilliant!

Stevie Wonder
4 Tops
4 Tops
Martha and the Vandellas
Sam Cooke
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
(Castle in the Sand?? did you mean the just the lyric to Cloud Nine?)
5th Dimension
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Thanks for memories........Linda Jedynak Sandoval

06/17/09 01:20 PM #5    


Kenneth Seguin


You did pretty darn good for not having to refer to any outside sources. Your score: 86.7% (13 of 15) (Good enough to pass)

1. Stevie Wonder - Correct
2. 4 Tops - Correct
3. 4 Tops - Wrong - "My Girl" was by the David Ruffin and the Temptations
4. Martha and the Vandellas - Correct
5. Temptations - Correct
6. Marvelettes - Correct
7. Supremes - Correct
8. Sam Cooke - Correct
9. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Correct
10. Temptations - Correct
11. (Castles in the Sand?? did you mean the just the lyric to Cloud Nine?) - Wrong - "Castles in the Sand" was by Stevie Wonder and was on his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album
12. 5th Dimension - Correct
13. Temptations - Correct
14. Temptations - Correct
15. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Correct

Hey, why aren't we having this reunion in the Blue Room with the lights turned down low???

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