Eduardo Somensatto

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Eduardo Somensatto
Secondary Address Jacksonville Beach, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Marilyn
Occupation: Retired - World Bank - International Economic Development
Yes! Attending Reunion
Street Address

112 5th Ave. South, Apt. 801

City, State, Zip

Jacksonville Beach

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Florida 32250


Nov. 12


Two wonderful son, Jeff (40) and Jason (37). Both married to wonderful daughter in laws. Jeff works for the PGA Tour in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Jason is a lawyer in Washington DC. Jason's middle name is Michael, in honor of his Godfather, and my best friend to this day - Mike Dennisuk.


Four grandkids; two in Virginia, Eve (9) and Marc (6); Two in Florida, Aubrey (7), Blakely (4). The joys of our lives.

Where else have you lived?

Washington DC for 25 years, Guatemala 4, Ecuador 3 and Colombia 3.a.

Married? Attached? To whom? When? How long?

Marilyn Jean, a michigander from Southgate, for over 45 wonderful years.

Still have family around Detroit?

My sister Mirna lives in Riverview and second sister Marta lives in Kalamazoo. Both graduated from now closed, Aquinas HS.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with other classmates? Who?

I have maintained contact on for the last 40 years with my best friend Mike Dennisuk, who is strongly encouraging me to come to the class reunion. Mike has kept me posted on the activities of many of our colleagues. Unfortunately, I moved to Washingto DC around 1975 and lost contact with many others.

What is keeping you busy (work, hobby, volunteering, family)?

Now, a lot sporting activities, a lot reading and some writing.

Favorite place to go?

to the beach

High points of your life since high school?

I have been very fortunate. There have been many. On a personal basis, the birth of my sons and their many accomplishments. On a professional basis, to have been the head of a development agency in three countries.

As Mike noted in his write up, both of my sons were fairly good swimmers. Marilyn and I enjoy many trips to events in which they competed. None was more memorable than the US Olympic trials in 2000 when Jeff missed the opportunity to go to Sydney by one tenth of a second (losing to Michael Phelps).

On a professional basis, to have been expelled as a persona non-grata from Ecuador. If not the high point, it is the most well known event of a my professional life. I was the Representative of the World Bank in Ecuador, when left leaning Rafael Correa became President of the country and decided that I was no longer welcomed in Quito. He was not a fan of the World Bank, and viewed me as an encarnation of neoliberal policies!!!

Places you want to go?

Have been lucky to have traveled the world. Need to go Havana one of these days, and to the Grand Canyon with Mike.

Favorite sport(s), hobby(ies), book, music, movie?

Many sports, golf, tennis, soccer. Hobbies, none except dealing with Emails, surfing the net, while watching TV. Book, not sure, may be - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Music, a big parrot head. Even though I learned of Jimmy Buffett from Mike D. many decades ago, I think I went to many more concerts than Mike. It has been a family affair. Both my wife and kids are big Jimmy fans.

How old do you feel?

when dancing, young - when looking at the mirror a little older!!!

Favorite teacher?

Do not recall them that much, but I would like to see the counselor who told me that I should not go to college.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

That I learned English really well!!!

What's your favorite memory at Redeemer?

It was such a long time ago, don't remember much. There a few though. Mike, Bruce and many others waiting by my old 1961 Ford, to ask if I could take them downriver. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Also, how about kicking all of those point after (touchdowns). I still want to know where I ranked during the senior year as scorer in the footbal team.

Any words of wisdom?

Be kind, and enjoy every minute.

Cool things you've done?

To have travelled and have met so many wonderful people around the world. I have been able to teach at a University (Georgetown), be part of the political process in the US (while at the think tank in Washington), and most importantly to contribute to the development process in many countries.

Anything else we should know?

Will save the stories for the reunion.

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